What is Zenima ??

Zenima is the relatively small group of sceners.



Geroris: 2017 SDL
no screenshot: Geroris is the tetris clone and it's code was c&p'ed from stackoverflow !! so I did't make anything.

fume nikki: 2017 SDL
no screenshot: Just a clicker game ... I made this game without any efforts ...

battletest: 2018 SDL
no screenshot: It's like a small game that resembles battle scene of the RPG. It was published in school festival.

rpgtest: 2020 SDL
no screenshot: The advanced version of battletest. Map was implemented.


See the another page !!!

I made some boards but I don't remember all ...

ESP-12 Webradio: 2018
Webradio using ESP8266Audio. also it can be used for generic devboard.